Finding a sound sight…

The Beauty of the World...

As a mountain stream exudes so life too. Equilibrium is a law on nature some may affirm. Besides this stream seems so beautiful, like a prestine jewel, blessing everything it touchs so life as well.

At times the ongoing current changes its course promptly and without notice. Just it seems as laws of nature and something else are playing their role on it. The stream appears swift and cold, though sometimes far warmer and welcoming for sure. It resembles the story of our lives, but more specific one of the most important features of it, and the story goes,…

I’ve never in real terms been so struck by such a beauty before. Her face so sweet and so lovely. Her heart a true Treasure. My entire Self is since then very carried away by the magic of her presence in my life. Like the stream, her spellbound personality changes patterns in my very life under the spell of love.

So, I like to touch her in my dreams wishing to become reality in my life. I’m pretty sure how the beauty of her stream knocking at my door will bloom my life as well as hers being together in blessing path.

Knowing by heart the neat lines of her thoughts pulsing just above my mind and becoming a blueprint in my heart, I can outline any of her features just to prove how deep this feeling swept me since. I never thought how important a miracle like this will fire the very core of my blood. I just desire to match our breasts at night, smelling each other fragances and breaths. I just dream this lovely and incredible experience, which helps my life to improve, last until I’m seared to ashes.

Because craving is not enough, the exercise of loving trascends the limits of this current world. I just want to be hers and that’s all.


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