Speaking languages

Trying to ponder some statistics and reflect beyond that in world affairs and languages, I may say that Cameroon is the 58th most populous country on the planet, home to 0.29 percent of the world’s population. This year, about 320,000 new citizens will be born there.

In Brazil, the world’s fifth most populous country, just over three million babies, are born each year. India is number two: 3,750 babies are born there per hour, 540,000 per week. Bangladesh, the world’s seventh most populous country, while its population of 163 million, 2.4 percent of world’s population. Iceland ranks number 175, with 0.005 percent, of the world’s population. That’s nothing; it ranks next to Vanuatu, Belize and the Maldives.

While Indonesia ranks number 4th, Pakistan number 6th, Bangladesh number 7th, Russia number 8th, Japan 9th and Nageria 10th, Mexico becomes the world’s eleventh most populous country.

Only two nations have more space than Icelanders, Namibia and Mongolia. In Iceland, three persons share every square kilometer on average, while in Namibia and Mongolia, every square kilometer is inhabited by only two persons on average.

As you already knew or experienced, language is a sheer tool to communicate, I think that the educational system here in Mexico as in Germany or in any other not-speaking-English country is too focused on English as second language.  Though it has its advantages, it’s wrong to focus only in one. It narrows the mind and the perspective.

Personally I think it’s so important that I speak French and little bit of German. But I would also like to learn Russian or Japanese. If I would be in Belarus this week with only my English to rely on, the prospects could be so hopeless.

I’d also like to learn even other languages for when I’m traveling in West Africa or in the Middle East. It’s hard to travel in Mali and Cameroon, only speaking English. Or Russia, or China, or South Korea, or Brazil.

Undoubtly English is a good language in some parts of the world but hopeless in most. At least in the places I love to visit, or would like to visit. The world is richer while traveling to narrow it in one privilaged-perspective.


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