Appealing to reality

As much as has occurred in science as in ordinary life, if we know something just by name, we can conclude that we do not know it at all. To try to grasp true reality, it’s in our best interest at last to ponder acute details from the features of this reality and try to produce some real figure (quantification) from its entiety or way of being. 

This much history from the last two hundred years has taught us that the great revolutions which have occurred in such fields as physics, politics, medicine, astronomy and other arenas from the human endeavor were due in huge part to new quantificable data. Asorted by new and more powerful instruments and our ability to interpret the data, scientists and seminal thinkers were able to see beyond the ordinary and made the extraordinary common to all.

To create a much better world and continue in our task of understanding our reality, we must procure in our societies a vigorous abet for the expression of unpopular views, widespread literacy, sustain substantive debate, insert a common familiarity with critical thinking, feed skepticism from matters of opinion, establish real political action and a soaring curiosity among their younger generations.


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