Social determinants

Since we are all now in the same global boat—inhabitants in the same global village—, it is essential for us to understand quite deeply our history as humanity struggling in this planet. Seeking unity of humankind—our relavant relationships with our neighbors and all peoples alike—, we must work in the noble task of comprehend the genesis and evolution of the dominant ideas of the modern world.

On the other hand, I do believe that it is indeed very demostrable that all thinking and all action are compromised by ignorance of what has gone before. Most of us love to believe that we live in a kind of timeless innocence, until something not good or ugly or, worst, lethal, happens to us. Then, I assume and believe these three social determinants are the guideposts or guiding principles in our age: (1) democracy—the search for the goverment from and through the people, (2) equality before the law—we’re all human beings, (3) the unity of the peoples of the world—e pluribus unum.

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