Current Reads…

I’ve read it several times… it’s a piece of excellent prose and fiction… I recomended it plainly… ;D

One Dropped Stitch

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

I’ve been reading just not posting about it…honest. 

I was reading so much for a while at the beginning of the year that it got a bit overwhelming to try and post all the books I was reading.  I still love my Kindle and I use it every day but I’m just not reading as much as I was before.  I’ve already read 52 books and am ahead of schedule for 2012 goal of 100 books.  I still have the goal but I want to read more for the enjoyment of it and less for the “trying to get them read as quickly as possible” of it. 


In addition to reading traditional books and books on my Kindle, I also listen to my favorite podcast, Craft Lit.  I stopped listening for about 6 months because I was heavy into politics but now I’m…

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