366 unusual things: days 179 – 183


Sounds like wish

27th June – Rode my bike home in the twilight.  Have only ever ridden in daylight.

28th June – Read that looking at an old painting by candlelight shows us what the artist saw before studios were lit electrically.  I have only one real painting on the wall; I started it but never finished it, but it became something better when I held a candle to it.

29th June – I have sons who wake up on one date and go to bed on the next.

30th June – Heard that J.S. Bach had 20 children to 2 wives.  Eleven of them died within his own lifetime.

1st July – This is the date when I remember meeting my husband (31 years ago), conceiving our first child (4 years later :-)), and starting this blog 6 months ago.

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One thought on “366 unusual things: days 179 – 183

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. I’m very grateful. I’d like to read your blog too, but I’m having trouble distinguishing the text from the background. Is there a way I can highlight the text?

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