Annapurna Circuit – What I thought, and what I got!

Awesome! ;D

Manish Munikar

Thorung, Pisang, Gangapurna, Khangsar, blah blah blah… I had never thought these wierd-sounding words would be rooted so deeply in my heart. In fact, I had never imagined to even hear those words to be honest. These are the names of places somewhere in Nepal, remote places that few people in Nepal would have heard of, let alone in the world, but names of places that have given me so many knowledge, places that have made me feel even more proud to be a Nepalese. I won’t disagree if someone says that these are one of the best places on the earth for people who love nature, may be not so much for the सुकिला-मुकिला urban people who have forgotten how to walk because they think that their rides can take them anywhere in the world. These places are valued because everyone cannot make it there. Actually, some people…

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