Off the Beaten Dori: An Afternoon at Edogawa River & Shibamata

Amazing! ;D

life to reset

Two guys in front me are wearing Hawaiian shirts, ahead of them are old couples in a complete outdoor hiking attire, all of us are waiting for the boat to take us across Edogawa River, if not for the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background or the Narita Express train zooming across the bridge, we could have easily mistaken for  a group of tourist exploring an island somewhere.

The boatman arrived.  I handed him the 100 yen coin fee and I opted to sit on the middle portion. We are  total of 12 strangers but a warm “Konichawa” greeting was easily exchanged. Once the boatman has started the engine, everyone sat steadily for a while, after a few minutes, stories and laughters were easily shared. It was one of those moments how I wish badly that I could or at least understand or speak Nihonggo.

It was a beautiful day…

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