Dresden, Day 10


Two Lincolns

I challenge anyone to show me a 25-square-block area that’s more beautiful than Dresden’s old city. After a brutal experience with firebombing in World War II and a subsequent period of forty-plus years living in drab Communist architecture, it’s understandable that Dresden’s residents would want to recapture some of their former Baroque glory. The love and care they put into rebuilding the glorious Baroque buildings that formerly adorned the Elbe and dominated the downtown is obvious, and you just can’t help but be blown away by how incredibly impressive the architecture is. Dresden is now once again defined by its excellence in the Baroque, and it’s one of my absolute favorite cities to visit. Looking up at these huge and amazingly ornate structures makes me feel both physically small and egotistically large — I’m an ant beneath a Redwood, but damn man, us humans built these gorgeous things!

Panorama view of the TheaterplatzDresden’s Theaterplatz…

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