Enhancing life…

There are moments in life when you became aware that it’s big deal just to follow closely the standards of people. As the saying goes, It is much better survive at all costs that to die trying! Who knows? There always is an inner little voice whose resonance is impeling you to act in quite different way to the standards.


Our ancestors had done much, much, much better than us when dealing with nature. They did it wisely. They overcame many obstacles. They created resources. Intuition was their guide as well as insight was their tool. In fact, you must see the heritage they inherited us. They were titans. Many of them created civilization and humanity alike. As you can guess, some factors played a key role towards this very situation. They’d matched their natural skills with wisdom. They’ve wisely used that inner voice, common to all of us, directly toward the key issues. That was the jackpot for them!


I do believe we must learn from them. To keep trying new formulas, we, as the current civilization, have to follow their steps in many ways. The outcome could be our own survival.

Gran Turismo 5

The mixture could and would be so awesome!



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